Call for Paper

We invite researcher in Machine Learning, Control and Dynamical System to submit their latest work to ICLR2023 workshop.


The invite submission related (but not limited) to the following topics:

  • Optimal Transport
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Stochastic Optimal Control
  • Dynamical Probabilistic inference e.g. MCMC, Variational Inference
  • Diffusion Model
  • Neural ODE/SDE/PDE

Impartant Dates

  • submission deadline: TBD
  • Acceptance notification: TBD
  • Camera ready for accepted submission: TBD

Submission Details

We encourage researchers to submit their latest work on the intersection of learning method, control and dynamical system.

  • Formatting instructions: The submitted paper sould take the form of TBD. The maximum size of submission is 50MB. The submission is allowed to attach a supplement/appendix but the reviewers do not have responsibility for reviewing supplementary material.
  • Paper reviewing: The review process will be double-blind. All submission must be anonymized and the leakage of any identification information is prohibited.
  • Dual submission policy: If the submission was accepted in prior conference, journal, workshop (including ICLR2023), it should be extended in order to get accepted in our workshop. Paper which is under reviewing are welcome to be submitted to our workshop.

The submission process is carried on Openreview. The accepted paper list will be posted on workshop website.


Contact us at